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Higher Learning Plus Tutorial Services
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Pastor Tina Mcdowell
Higher Learning Plus is a non-profit organization, with limited community and private funding; which offer educational services to the entire community. We provide services such as; basic reading and math skills practice, after-school homework assistance, SAT/ACT Prep and more. We are staffed by certified teachers, business professionals, religious leaders, and a host of volunteers within our community.
Our mission is to provide extended educational instruction to all ages, with emphasis on school age children which are lagging behind and would in no wise be able to receive affordable tutorial assistance; as well as providing on-going educational progress monitoring services to identifiable “At-Risk” individuals.

1.To provide motivation to develop overall reading skills
2.Improve independent grammar and reading skills by using various interventions and strategies
3.To provide age and grade appropriate materials to build self confidence, fluency, and vocabulary
4.Improve independent math skills by using manipulative tools, technology, teacher to student modeling and vice versa
5.Encourage self appreciation and appropriate social skills